James Bendel

Local philanthropist returns to roots

James Bendel, Executive director of the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County since 2012 and a founding partner of CFWC will be leaving his position to return to his alma mater, Saint Vincent College.

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Community Foundation

The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County is dedicated to responding to the ever changing needs of our county by working as a community matchmaker in the areas of grantmaking, community leadership, and donor development.
Through grantmaking, CFWC pairs the needs of our non-profit partners with community resources to invest in the development of Westmoreland County programs. Our commitment to fostering community leadership allows the Foundation to bring together and encourage dialogue between donors, organizations and non-profits with similar goals and ideals. Additionally, we are committed to work with our donor’s to match potential non-profits whose missions align with the donor’s area of intended giving, enabling them to make a lasting impact on their community through non-profit education and philanthropy.
For the past 15 years CFWC has remained committed to responding to the growing and shifting need of Westmoreland County, to build better communities; now and forever.

Mission Statement

To encourage local residents to become PHILANTHROPISTS, to provide GRANTS that support a wide variety of non-profit organizations, and serve as a COMMUNITY LEADER.


New Revitalization Grants Program Announced

Grant Program Targets 7 Westmoreland Cities - see press coverage here 

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